Collagen Treatment

collagen treatment

Vital Practice To Maintain That Youthful And Radiant Skin!

Collagen, a little-known protein, is the real source of radiant, plump and smooth skin. This is one of the ultimate beauty goals and while most people use radical skin creams, surgeries, and serums. With a little knowledge and care the same goal can be achieved with relatively fewer side effects, the collagen treatment.

Collagen is fibrous, long and with a rope-like exterior and gives skin elasticity and strength. It provides a supportive scaffolding for skin, giving volume and long-lasting bounce often linked to youth and vitality.

Collagen is vital for all body organs. With a variety of over 28 collagen types, the most abundant is type 1 collagen. This miracle protein is found in bone structure, organs, tendon tissue, major and minor blood vessels and the epidermis. It acts as a sort of adhesive to bind tissue together and when it is damaged activates healing mechanisms to commence repair and healing of damage.

Production of collagen is a constantly on-going process in the epidermis, with damaged or aged collagen being broken down and replaced. This process diminishes with age and is adversely affected by exposure to external factors such as pollution or Ultra Violet radiation.

It can also be adversely affected by poor lifestyle habits such as poor diet or smoking. The naturally occurring deterioration in collagen replacement and production starts in the early twenties and regresses by almost 1% per year after. Fine lines are the first symptom, coupled with premature wrinkles and loose skin that does not have previous elasticity.

Hormones also play a major role in collagen production. With peak collagen levels correlating to fertility cycles and associative hormonal peaks. Menopause drastically reduces hormone levels and has a detrimental effect on collagen production.

Post-menopausal women have a severe reduction in collagen production. There are, however, ways to mitigate this and they can be achieved with a few simple precautions:

– Regular Exercise

Exercise, whether vigorous or gentle, can increase the blood and oxygen supply to the skin. This better nourishes skin cells promotes better collagen replacement and makes for overall healthier skin.

– Eating Right

Select foods such as bone broth that are rich in collagen which can be broken down in the digestive tract and provide raw materials for the natural production of more collagen. Amino acid rich foods such as cheeses, meat, and egg whites are rich in the requisite nutrients. For vegetarians or vegans, cabbage can be an adequate alternative.

Other collagen building blocks are vitamin C, found in peppers, oranges, strawberries, et cetera. Vitamin C can also be acquired through vitamin pills and topical antioxidant boosters. Copper can be found in abundance in nuts, shellfish, and red meats while vitamin A can be sourced from sweet potatoes, raw carrots, egg yolks and liver (amongst others).

– Use Sun Protection Factor Creams

Sun creams when used daily can prevent the initial destruction of already existing collagen and at the very least prevent further decay and improve collagen shelf life. Daily and consistent use can act as a safeguard against the ravages of time.

– Specialised skin care procedures

With the recognition of its importance, there are collagen-based skin care procedures such as collagen masks that also support other skin natural processes.

Taking care of collagen in the skin is a vital practice to maintain that youthful radiance!

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