LED Light Therapy

LED Light Therapy

Verified And Proven Way For Radiant And Smooth Skin

The (light-emitting diode) LED light therapy is a great treatment for all skin types and a wide range of skin concerns.

We can either do a stand lone treatment or combine it in your facial to achieve optimal results. It is safe and pain free. LED therapy has been tested and proved to be effective for a variety of skin issues like redness, pigmentation, rosacea, and acne. The light-emitting diode works by delivering optimised light at standard wavelengths. This light stimulates the creation of collagen and elastin.  In addition, the light enhances the flow of blood to produce rise to a rejuvenated healthy and radiant skin appearance.

Red LED Light

Red LED LightThe red LED light has anti-wrinkle and skin rejuvenation properties. it uses longer wavelengths and when in contact with the skin, activates the regeneration of the cells and fibroblasts and also stimulates elastin and collagen creation. It is anti inflammatory making it great for redness, and eczema.

Blue LED Light

Blue LED LightThe blue light possesses powerful anti-acne properties by helping to eliminate the acne causing bacteria in the skin and reducing excess oil production.


Purple LED Light

Purple LED LightA combination of the Blue and Red light, purple is a calming light which is great for stress and insomnia

infrared light

Infrared is a clear light that has the deepest wavelengths making it great for deeper lines, scarring, it is also fantastic for reducing swelling.


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