One Of The Most Detested Nuisances on the Face

One of the most detested nuisances appearing prominently on the face is blackheads. Blackheads appear as small dark lesions on the neck and face often in accompaniment of a mild acne but they can appear alone at times. When the oil in the pores comes in contact with air it oxidizes and turns dark, this giving them their appearance.

All about Blackheads

– An attempt to squeeze or scrub a blackhead can worsen it.
– Oxidized melanin makes blackheads, not dirt.
– Avoiding oil-based skin care products, tight-fitting clothes, alcohol-based skin products, and humid environment can significantly reduce the occurrence of blackheads.
– A spike in sebum production due to hormones can make you more prone

What are Blackheads?

When the pores on your skin are blocked by dead skin cells and the oily sebum, they produce protrusions known as Comedones

But when the pores are blocked, the trapped dead skin in it reacts with oxygen to form blackheads which are dark in colour. It is possible for you to be clean and still develop blackheads, so dirty skin has nothing to do with the development of blackheads.

Blackheads and Dehydration – We often associate black heads with oily skin but anyone can get black heads.  When the skin is lacking water it often produces more oil to compensate and that oil can get trapped in between dry dead skin cells. Flushing the skin with water by using hyaluronic based moisturizers and serums can be very effective at preventing black heads.

– make sure you cleanse your skin properly in the evenings and if wearing makeup always double cleanse.
exfoliate your skin weekly to prevent dead skin and oil from building up in the pores and to allow products to better penetrate.  Dry skin – once a week, normal skin – 1-2 x a week, oily skin – 2 x a week.
fruit acid or enzyme based exfoliants can be more effective as they dissolve the glue that holds dead skin and are able to penetrate into the pore.
– keep your skin hydrated by moisturising twice a day.
– drink plenty of water
–  wash makeup brushes regularly

Regular exfoliating treatments like peels and microdermabrasion are a great way of preventing and treating black heads.

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