Blackheads appear as small dark dots on the face, shoulders, chest and back. They are most common in the centre of the face where our oil production is highest, such as the nose. They can sometimes be accompanied by oily skin or mild acne.

What are Blackheads?

Our pores contain a hair follicle and sebaceous gland. A blackhead is a combination of oil (sebum) and dead skin trapped in the follicle.  Blackheads can be caused by a variety of factors such as excess oil, improper cleansing, skincare that is too heavy and lack of exfoliation. When the blocked follicle is open to the air it oxidises and the top turns into a darker colour.  Sometimes our skin isn’t functioning as well as it should, it produces excess oil and when combined with a slow cell turnover it can cause clogged pores.  comodones

Blackheads and Dehydration

We often associate black heads with oily skin but anyone can get black heads.  When the skin is lacking water it often produces more oil to compensate and that oil can get trapped in between dry dead skin cells. Flushing the skin with water by using hyaluronic based moisturizers and serums can be very effective at preventing black heads. Especially when coupled with regular exfoliation.

If blackheads are are close to the surface of the skin they can be removed easily, but if they are deeper you will need a chemical exfoliant and it can take  longer to treat them. 

Prevention and Tips

Make sure you cleanse your skin properly in the evenings and if wearing makeup always double cleanse. Makeup wipes are unable to get in and deeply clean the skin.
Exfoliating your skin weekly, can help prevent dead skin and oil from building up in the pores and allowing products to absorb better.
Salicylic Acid or enzyme based exfoliants are the most effective as they dissolve the glue that holds dead skin and are able to penetrate into the pore.
– Keep your skin hydrated by moisturising twice a day. This keeps the skin balanced and prevents excess oil flow caused by dehydration.
– Wash makeup brushes regularly, they can contain oil and bacteria.

In-clinic Treatments
Regular exfoliating treatments like peels are a great way of preventing and treating black heads. Peels work by dissolving the dead skin using fruit acids or enzymes to effectively exfoliate the skin.


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