Cosmetic Teeth Whitening

Only $299

Chosen and respected by dentists and spas around the world, Beyond Whitespa Plus is our professional product for cosmetic teeth whitening.

We can achieve, in just one hour, a whiter, brighter smile by safely removing food stains built up over the years from coffee, wine and even nicotine. A unique system using only 6% peroxide, the Beyond Whitespa system significantly reduces the risk of sensitive teeth and gums. Add on to any of the Indica treatments for a complete makeover. Call for a complimentary consultation any time or ask spa staff for further details when you are here.

In a recent survey, 100 percent of respondents, when shown a photo of a person with a healthy, white smile, considered that person to be more attractive, intelligent and successful than when they were shown a photo of the same person with visibly stained, unhealthy teeth.  These days everyone wants a Hollywood smile, and they want it fast!  Now, clients don’t have to wait weeks for gummy strips or uncomfortable overnight trays to work their magic.  They can have whiter teeth in just over an  hour.  Call the Spa now for a friendly chat and free consultation.