Body Treatments

Why not come in and experience our range of rejuvenating body treatments to leave you pampered and glowing. Our highly trained therapists can help you choose the right treatment for you, call us today on 08 83525454.

INFRARED SAUNA – unavailable till 8th of November
Enjoy our new Infrared Sauna with so many great benefits, can be enjoyed as a stand alone treatment or added on before a massage.  What are the benefits?
– Helps relieve inflammation
– Promotes relaxation and better sleep
– Improves muscle soreness by delivering oxygen rich blood to the muscles.
– Detoxifies the body through sweat
– Improves circulation
– The infrared wavelengths penetrate soft muscle tissue opening up the blood vessels to help relax muscles and assist in recovery.

Treatment includes a rinse before hand to remove any oils, sauna and post shower to refresh. Accommodates two people.

Enjoy smooth skin all over with our body scrub treatment. Beginning with a full body brush to improve circulation and prepare the skin, we then apply a body scrub to remove dead skin and leave you super soft and invigorated. Our therapists will remove the scrub with hot wet towels or you can use our deluxe massage shower.

This refreshing body wrap smells divine and helps to give the skin a big boost of Vitamin C. Vitamin C provides effective protection against free radicals and stimulates the formation of collagen, reducing the loss of firmness and suppleness. Beginning with a papaya and lemon body scrub, its luxurious texture glides effortlessly across the body leaving the skin feeling refreshed and silky. We remove it with hot dry towels and apply a Vitamin C body mask to hydrate, renew and give luminosity to the skin. The perfect treatment for sun-damaged, dry and dull skin or as a pre-wedding pamper.

Experience the  sensation of a full body brush to improve circulation and prepare the skin. We then apply a body scrub to remove dead skin and leave you super soft and invigorated. We will then leave you to use our deluxe massage shower. Followed by a customised Full Body Massage to leave you both feeling soft and glowing inside and out.

Using our beautiful European salt scrub, hot towel treatment to give you super smooth hydrated skin followed by a customised back massage to relieve aches and pains and promote deep relaxation.

Rich in Algae, Germaine De Capuccini’s Dynamic Mud is anti inflammatory,  helps to flush out toxins, boosts circulation and recovers oxygen in the skin. We begin the treatment with you lying on a thermal blanket covered with thermal mud and gauze while it heats up and helps to reduce muscular tension, during which you receive a decolletage, arm or scalp massage. Then a deep tissue or remedial back, neck & shoulder massage will melt away muscle tension and relieve aches and pains.