How to look younger for longer!

1. Use sunscreen!!!!!!

To keep young and beautiful  you have to use sunscreen every day (even in winter). UVA rays are the ones that do the damage to the cells causing pigmentation, wrinkles and oxidation.  Did you know bout 80% of external ageing is caused by UV damage? its never too late to start wearing sunscreen.

2. Look after your skin ( it’s a living organ) keeping it clean and use moisturiser.

Often people use harsh products stripping the skin of its own natural oils. We all have an acid mantle on our skin which is there to protect it from the atmosphere and other out side influences. unfortunately people often use products that are not suitable. Professional products may cost more but are scientific based and designed so that you actually need less. In this case “less is more” and don’t be over enthusiastic when exfoliating and cleansing either.

3. A Good Diet !

In order to have good skin you need to have a good diet and that doesn’t mean that you have to go on the Paleo straight away but it means that you should eat a good variety of foods including fruits and lots of colourful veg, and cut down processed foods to a minimum. These often contain sugar and salt, both of which are not good for your health. Sugar in particular is not good for skin health as it causes Glycation ( the hardening and breaking of the collagn /fibres) this all leads to premature aging.

4. To Facial or not to Facial !

Facials  help to keep your skin in great condition and they don’t have to be expensive. They are like a car service or a spring clean for the skin, you do what you have to at home but these are what keeps the skin in top working order. After all ,” how much is your face worth”. as its with you for life! The better the home care the less you need facials !