Facial Rejuvenation

Facial Rejuvenation

Facial Rejuvenation – Achieve Best Skin Possible With Real Visible Results

Facial or skin rejuvenation is about improving the health and quality of the skin and using cutting edge treatments to reverse and repair skin damage caused by environment and lifestyle.

For instance, the general lifestyle of a person can interfere with the ageing of his or her facial skin. Other features include smoking, diet, and sun exposure. If you want to know whether your skin is ageing, consider some signs like de-pigmentation, lines, wrinkles, and skin elasticity.

However, you can treat your skin through many ways such as IPL Skin Rejuvenation, Peels, LED & Dermapen Collagen Induction.


1. Enzyme Peels

These are great as an introduction to peels, enzymes gently but effectively digest old dead skin cells and leave healthy skin intact. They dissolve the glue that bonds dead skin together, resulting in smoother, hydrated, more even skin.

2. Fruit Acid Peels

Fruit Acid Peels work a little deeper by resurfacing the skin. They promote the production of new skin cells to the surface and are great for clogged, thickened sun damaged skin, anyone wanting a refresh and smoother complexion. Combined with professional skincare they can be effective at reducing pigmentation and smoothing out fine lines.

3. Pro Dermal Peels

Pro Dermal or Deep peels work in the deeper levels of the skin and are infused with vitamins to repair and make lasting changes. Your therapist will advise you which peel is right for you. A course is usually recommended for long term results alongside a good prescribed skincare routine.

Adelaide’s Best Facials

Indica Medi Spa aims to help you achieve the best skin possible whilst providing real visible results. Your therapist will recommend a treatment designed to best suit your skin’s needs, using only the best cosmeceutical products. The brands we use in our facial treatments are all proudly cruelty free.

In case it becomes difficult to know your skin type, our spa therapists are there to help you. Therefore, feel free to book an appointment with us. Get to know how effective our services are and how easy it is to have your skin become healthier and more beautiful!

Let our highly trained therapists take your skin to the next level with our range of treatments. Whether you want to treat fine lines & wrinkles, loss of firmness, pigmentation, scarring, acne, redness, broken capillaries and more, we can help you.

We proudly use medical grade treatments in combination with results driven skincare. Why not give us a call and book your free consultation today on 08 8352 5454.