TimeExpert C+

TIMEXPERT C+ is more than just a revitalisation range; it uses the most advanced form of stable vitamin C to add life to lifeless skin suffering from stress and other influences that affect its health.

Who is this range for?

All skins from 25 years of age onward.

What are the signs?

Dull, uneven skin tone, skin that generally looks unhealthy or is suffering from “lymphatic overload” (breakouts under the jawbone and towards the earlobe or down the neck).

What causes it?

Stress, excessive “partying”, lack of sleep or smoking are the most common reasons that the skin starts to look dull and lifeless however there are various internal and external conditions that can cause this common skin problem.

How do we fix it?

Germaine de Capuccini’s Professional Vitamin C+ Illuminating Treatment for the face and body is a simple but effective in salon/spa treatment to get started with, and is a great one to offer to your clients at this time of year:

Vitamin C+ Illuminating Treatment – Using an advanced formula of Vitamin C this illuminating treatment makes the skin glow! Revitalising skin cells with intense energy and in turn increasing vitality, reducing fine lines and wrinkles and making even the dullest skin luminous and radiant.