Spa Facial Treatment

Spa Facial Treatment

New Epitome Of Beauty Therapy

The spa facial treatment is the new epitome of beauty therapy, producing the magical outer and inner glow that everyone desires. But, do facial therapies heal someone from within? Yes, they do, provided they are done by the best spa therapists who delve much deeper, delivering enormous benefits to the skin, the body, and the soul from within going out.

The spa therapy is founded on instincts and intuitions. During facial massage sessions, the therapists feel the connection with their client, making the interaction become just more than touching the skin.

With a facial and massage therapy, the therapist starts the work by looking into the client’s eyes before starting a conversation, a gesture that often adds elements of healing which also helps to spot internal stresses in the client’s eyes intuitively.

What Is A Facial?

Facials are beauty treatments that help to restore clear and healthy complexion while also giving you radiant skin. Most facial treatments do involve cleansing as a way of getting rid of the dead skin, using a toner in cleaning away the dirt and unblocking the pores, and moisturising the skin to rehydrate and brighten it. In addition, a majority of the spa facials will give you a massage to ensure they leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed and pampered.

Some spa facials make use of creams, gels, oils and at times, oxygen jets. It is therefore important to make the necessary inquiries about the facial treatment beforehand. One thing you may need to do is to consult a beauty professional before undergoing treatment so that the therapists can assess your skin texture and type, with the aim of tailoring the treatment to suit your individual needs.  This option is ideal to you especially if you are not sure about the nature of your skin and the nitty-gritty of taking care of it.

Depending on the treatment you choose to undergo, a spa facial treatment can take a minimum of 15 minutes and a maximum of one hour to complete. Upon completion of the treatment, you should expect your skin to feel and look fresh and soft.

Indica Medi Spa – Adelaide’s Best Facials

We aim to not only help you attain the best possible skin quality but also provide you with visibly real results. To achieve this, your therapists will, therefore, recommend a treatment that meets your skin’s unique needs from a list of the finest cosmeceutical products. Important to note is that all the facial treatments we use are proudly cruelty-free.

By combining the relaxation you get and the pampering experience that comes with the plenty of visible results, we guarantee that you shall walk out of your therapy session feeling highly rejuvenated and relaxed, whether it is for an hour or more than that, maybe half a day.

After you have undergone the treatment, of course with our compliments, you have the opportunity to get into our lounge and enjoy our relaxing seat with a variety of herbal teas, and you may perhaps consider ordering a delicious platter for enjoyment after undergoing your treatment.

Indica Medi Spa is a luxury boutique spa that is peaceful and offers specialised beauty and wellness salon services. It is time to discover the way we can help you remain healthy and beautiful for many years to come.

Let our highly trained therapists take your skin to the next level with our range of treatments. Why not give us a call 08 8352 5454 today and book your free consultation with us!