Skincare Facial

Skincare Facial

THE Secret For Smooth And GLOWING Skin

We’re all looking for products that will help us achieve perfect looking skin or that “glow”.

Did you know facial massage is one of the secrets for a smooth and glowing complexion? The face has over 40 muscles! This means that the more these muscles are moved, the more they become lifted and tightened. A few minutes a day will help to improve circulation, can help remove toxins through lymphatic drainage and tone the facial muscles. You can perform a mini face massage on your skin using upwards sweeping motions with your cream cleanser in the morning or evening or massage in a face oil for a more relaxing and hydrating treat. There are some fantastic face massage tutorials on youtube.

Regular facials are also amazing to help get your skin back on track. A personalized evaluation of your specific skin care needs is the foundation of our customised facial treatments. You can be assured that the products we use are results driven, free of parabens and cruelty free. When your skin is dehydrated (lacking in water) it will be tight, dull and can become easily irritated. A hydrating facial will help give your skin the drink it needs and bring back the glow.

Regular exercising is also vital for healthy skin as it boosts circulation and increases oxygen in the blood. This is what gives us that glow from within.


Hydracure Advanced Hydrating Treatment

This is an intense treatment for the skin in need of deep hydration. It works by recharging the surface with a concentrated formula of Hyaluronic acid. This acid is vital since it works on each layer of the skin to prevent any water loss or restore hydration. It is also considered as a perfect way of avoiding any form of ageing since it leaves your skin dewy and plump.

Thirsty Skin Facial

A process designed to deliver a boost of hydration. This treatment process is highly recommended since it leaves you with a soft and radiant skin with a healthy glow.

Advanced Hydration Collagen Facial

One of the highly recommended methods used in delivering collagen into the deeper layers of the skin. During this process, a therapist can carry out various means such as deep cleansing, enzyme exfoliation, and high-grade serum. He can also use massage or collagen mask for treatment.

Our Unique Blend

We pride ourselves on using an exclusive and unique combination of Medispa and wellness under one roof. We are also a peaceful and a luxurious boutique that offers you a specialised beauty and wellness salon services including hot stone and remedial massage.

We also provide IPL hair removal, teeth whitening, metabolic balance and other forms of facials. Our spa proudly use medical grade treatments in combination with results driven skincare.

Come and experience how we can help you live a beautiful and healthy life for many years. Call Indica Medi Spa today on 08 8352 5454 and book your free consultation.