Acne Scar Treatments

acne scar treatments

Highly Recommended to Solve Causing Skin Scarring

Just like other conditions causing skin scarring, acne scars surface when the skin tissue gets damaged. However, it is vital noting that different acne types cause unique kinds of scars – with some leaving no scars at all after healing. The reasons why acne scar treatments are highly recommended to address this problem.

Cysts, nodules, and inflamed pimples can leave permanent scars on the skin even after healing. After healing, cystic acne can potentially leave severe scarring.

The Common Acne Scar Treatments

Historically, it has been difficult treating scars that were caused by acne. It is, therefore, important to stay realistic that not all scars can be eliminated completely. However, the world has been witnessing the development of more effective scar relief procedures for acne.

When you use the right acne scar treatment or a combination of treatments, you increase your chances of achieving marked improvements. With the help of your skin therapist, you can get yourself a recommendation of the most suitable scar treatment.

skin inflammation

Some of the patients that come for acne treatments worry more about the skin inflammation and redness (erythema) than they do with the depression or texture the acne causes. It is critical ensuring that all patients avoid the use of topical products that have the likelihood to cause inflammation.

When the topical treatment regimen is optimised and appropriate, the long pulsed dye laser to treat erythematous scars is most likely employed.

On the other hand, the application of intense pulsed light is preferred in cases where patients have dyschromia that is related to erythematous acne scars or photoaging.

It can be challenging treating deeply pitted scars with any modality. You are likely to achieve better success when using punch excision. With closure than it is when employing alternative approaches in getting improvements in these deeply pitted scars.

According to expert advice, patients should take subsequent laser skin resurfacing as it is needed after some time to aid in the better and smooth healing of the linear scar. Some parts including the forehead, nose, and medial surface occasionally fail to favourably respond to punch excision like the lateral cheeks as a result of the skin’s high thickness and it’s more sebaceous nature in these areas. The good news is that the pitted scars tend to be less common compared to other subtypes.


Intensively treat break outs and clogging with this professional treatment that is ideal for those experiencing excess oil, congestion or acne. It includes a deep cleanse and enzyme exfoliation, Blue LED light to kill bacteria, followed by a lymphatic drainage massage and purifying mask. As each acne client is different, your therapist at Indica Medi Spa will customise a specific treatment to suit you.

Indica Medi Spa – Adelaide’s Best Facials

Indica Medi Spa not only aim to help you get a visibly real result, we also achieve a best possible skin quality. To achieve this, your therapists will, therefore, recommend a treatment that meets your skin’s unique needs from a list of the finest cosmeceutical products. Important to note is that all the facial treatments we use are proudly cruelty-free.

Whether your session lasts for one hour or more hours (maybe half a day), Indica Medi Spa guarantees that you will leave the treatment room feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Thanks to the pampering experience and the relaxation you get in the process that results in plenty of visible results.

Upon completing your treatment, with compliments from us, you will get a chance to enjoy a relaxing seat in our lounge. While relaxing in the lounge, you will have a choice of herbal teas to enjoy, leave alone choosing to order a delicious platter for your additional enjoyment.

With the various treatments available, Indica Medi Spa highly trained and qualified therapists will give your skin the best services that are beyond the imaginations of the ordinary. Indica Medi Spa can help you treat various areas of interest including wrinkles and fine lines, loss of firmness, scarring, pigmentation, broken capillaries, redness and many more areas.

Indica Medi Spa is proud user of medical grade treatments combined with result-driven skincare. Why not give us a call 08 8352 5454 today and book your free consultation with our skincare experts!