Micro Needling

Micro Needling

An Excellent Device To Improve and Rejuvenate The Skin Tone

Dermapen also known as micro needling or Collagen Induction Therapy is a skin rejuvenation treatment that harnesses the skins natural healing and renewal process.

What is micro-needling?

It is a non-invasive skin treatment using a pen with a cardtridge of  fine needles to create a controlled micro trauma that forces the skin to repair itself.

Benefits of Micro-Needling

Anti Ageing – Dermapen skin rejuvenation causes the body to naturally release collagen and elastin which are essential in wound healing. The skin’s texture and tone improves, pores are visible reduced, the skin is firmer and denser.  The face, lip area, eye area, ears, neck, chest, hands and scalp can all be treated with pinpoint precision to promote rapid lifting, firming and toning of facial features and contours.

Pigmentation – It can help to break up the blocks of pigment in the skin and unlike laser which uses heat, Dermapen removes the risk of heat injury and hypopigmentation risks, whilst also promoting optimised cell function. This makes it a suitable procedure for thise affected by melasma and with a predisposition to hyperpigmentation.

Acne – at a more shallow depth,  micro needling introduces oxygen in the skin which helps to kills the p.acne bacteria. It also promotes growth factors in the skin which help to increase natural skin turnoverm making it great for clogged and sluggish skin.

We can also treat Rosacea, Telangiactasia and Scarring. 


Dermapen – An Excellent Device To Improve The Skin Tone

Currently, Dermapen collagen therapy facial is now available at Indica Medi Spa

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By combining the relaxation you get and the pampering experience that comes with the plenty of visible results, we guarantee that you shall walk out of your therapy session feeling highly rejuvenated and relaxed, whether it is for an hour or more than that, maybe half a day.

After you have undergone the treatment, of course with our compliments, you have the opportunity to get into our lounge and enjoy our relaxing seat with a variety of herbal teas, and you may perhaps consider ordering a delicious platter for enjoyment after undergoing your treatment.

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