Metabolic Balance


Metabolic Balance® is an eating plan designed to balance the metabolic pathways in your body to help achieve a fitter, healthier you. The plan uses whole, natural foods to give a balanced diet with little refined carbohydrate; this avoids insulin peaks and troughs and allows your body’s metabolism to balance itself.

The first step is to discuss the program with a trained metabolic balance® coach. If you then decide that metabolic balance® is appropriate for you then you fill in a questionnaire, perform some basic body measurements and undergo some blood tests. This information is then fed into a medically designed computer program which generates an eating plan designed specifically for you. The plan depends on your goals (usually weight loss), your body measurements and the blood test results.

What is in a typical metabolic balance® plan?

All plans have certain features in common. These are the four phases, the eight rules and metabolic balance® coach supervision. The foods on the diet vary for each individual but this is not a fad diet. The foods on the diet are generally whole (non-processed) foods and there is no need to take vitamins or supplements of any kind. The plans use foods which are natural appetite suppressants and therefore make it easier for you to stick with the program.

What are the four phases?

Each metabolic balance® plan has four phases. The first phase is the “Preparation Phase” which involves a gentle detox and bowel cleansing phase over 2 days; this physically and psychologically prepares you for the “Strict Adjustment Phase”. The “Strict Adjustment Phase” lasts a minimum of 14 days and during this time you begin to experience the benefits of the program. These benefits include rapid weight loss and a general feeling of well-being. When this phase is complete you enter the “Relaxed Phase” during which certain foods are added to the program and you are also allowed to have a “cheat day” once a week. During this phase you continue to see significant weight loss. Once your goals are achieved you enter the “Maintenance Phase” where more foods are added to the program. Even in this phase you are encouraged to continue to use the eight rules.

What are the eight rules?

The modern western diet involves consuming sugars and refined carbohydrates on multiple occasions throughout the day. This results in peaks and troughs of insulin. Even “diet”, “low carbohydrate” and “sugar free” foods can, by their colour and taste, stimulate cravings resulting in excess calorie consumption. The eight rules are designed to prevent the peaks and troughs in insulin and to re-educate you, and your metabolism, so that you no longer feel the need to constantly graze. These rules will be explained to you at your initial free consultation.

What role does the coach play?

If adopting a healthier lifestyle and diet were easy then the Western World would be a much happier healthier place. Unfortunately it is not. All successful diet plans and exercise regimes require not only a desire to change but also a plan and support. The metabolic balance® program gives you not only a plan designed specifically for you but also gives you a trained coach to help support and guide you through that plan. The program is therefore the combination of the plan and the coach. By using metabolic balance® you also have the reassurance that your coach does not work in isolation – if there are problems that you cannot solve between you, he has support mechanisms to help.

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