Massage Near Me

Massage Near Me

The Best Moment To Relax With Loved Ones

Search Google for a ‘massage near me’ and you will find one of the leading massage and wellness clinics in Adelaide… Indica Medi Spa.

We are a peaceful and luxurious boutique that offers specialised beauty and wellness services including hot stone and remedial massage.

See there range of massage services here.

Massage Therapy

Treating yourself or loved ones with massage therapy is one of the best moments to have as you relax and rekindle experiences.

Receiving a Swedish massage or refreshing the body with sports massage will be the most favourite act to do.

Massage has proved to improve health status. It eases the muscles soreness after exercise. While stretching several times has a strong connection with the physical and psychological benefits of massage.

Many people ask themselves different questions concerning the spa modalities.

For instance, whether deep tissue massage can reduce ache and pain. They will be as well eager to know if a session of foot reflexology has long time effect on user’s overall health.

Benefits of Massage

  • Lowers the level of the stress hormone cortisol in your body,
  • Provides relief for muscular aches and pains
  • increase in circulation
  • Improve the quality level of sleep, a one hour massage is said to have the same benefits as 8 hours of sleep for the body.


Different types of massage

– Swedish

SwedishSwedish massage approach is to relax the body using  long gliding strokes to guide the blood going back to the heart. It is exceedingly helpful for increasing the level of oxygen in the blood and diminishing muscle toxins while improving circulation, flexibility and easing tension.



Deep TissueThis massage requires firm pressure application and special techniques to reach deeper layers of muscle and fascia. It helps with chronic aches and pain as well as contracted areas such as a stiff neck and upper back. HICAPS available


Hot rockThe heat of the stones helps to relax muscle tissues and promotes deep relaxation in the body. At Indica we combine hot stone therapy with traditional swedish massage for the ultimate treatment.


Our Unique Blend

We pride ourselves on using an exclusive and unique combination of Medispa and wellness under one roof. We are also a peaceful and luxurious boutique that offers you a specialised beauty and wellness salon services including hot stone and remedial massage.

spaWe also provide IPL hair removal, teeth whitening, metabolic balance and other forms of facials. Our spa proudly uses medical grade treatments in combination with results-driven skincare.

Come and experience how we can help you live a beautiful and healthy life for many years. Call Indica Medi Spa today on 08 8352 5454 and book your free consultation.