Get amazing results with Germaine De Capuccini ‘s Time Expert Lift Facial

There are two different ways in which the skin naturally ages; Wrinkles & Sagging.

As well as the loss of collagen and elastic, the adipose (fat) cells in the skin of the face which help keep it plump and firm, start to migrate south to our neck and jaw area. This can be seen as jowls and loose skin under the chin/jaw.

So what can be done?

Germaine’s De Capuccini Time Expert Lift Facial helps to redefine the facial contour and works on skin that has lost its volume and tone. A key ingredient – Kombucha, thanks to its lipo-filling properties helps to fill volume where the face needs it. It protects collagen fibres, stimulating the natural production. Wrinkles are smoothed, the skin is hydrated and visibly firmer.  Results are immediate, but a course and homecare will give you long term results.