Pro Dermal Peels

pro dermal peels

Effective Treatment For Younger, Healthy and Radiant Skin

Pro Dermal Peels treatments offer extreme skin transformation outcomes – younger, healthy and radiant skin. It helps in skin hydration that rejuvenates any skin type and tone.

Pomegranate Enzyme Peel

Hailed as one of the entry-level peel that can be used on virtually any skin type or tone, even the most sensitive ones. It helps in skin hydration that rejuvenates any skin type and tone to keep the youthful look and feel too.

The pomegranate enzyme peel contains effective enzymes that are capable of lifting and removing the superfluous skin cells that are dry and flaky. It also has the ability to moisten the skin to leave it tender and restored.

It is composed of multi-fruit BSC, jojoba esters hydrate, with other additives like the lactic acid and the repair and anti-inflammatory chemicals. It is the quintessential peel for multiple skin modalities.

Pumpkin Enzyme and Fruit Acid Peel

Made of 30% pumpkin enzymes concocted with other fruits acid peels. It is the ideal enzyme for a majority of the skins and more so those that suffer from sunlight exposure damage and aging process. Being a mild peel for the skin, it is used as a correction therapy for ageing, acne infested skin that has proven problematic with other products. It has jojoba oil as a moisturiser that works to soften the skin after the enzymes scorch away the dead, old and raspy skin from the surface.

Oxygenating Enzyme Peel

The peel is uniquely formulated and contains high amounts of natural fruits enzymes and acids that fervid oxygenating peptides. It works by exfoliating the dead epidermal skin layer leaving the younger skin looking revivified.

Bio white peptide peel

The bio white peptide peel contains high amounts of vitamin C, an essential ingredient in the growth of skin. It is mostly recommended for the un-even toned skins that are looking to revitalize their skins. It works through boosting the release of collagen and elastin, some of the natural building blocks to a youthful looking skin. It protects against ageing, brightening the skin and as anti-inflammatory.

It has a unique peptide capsulated in a liposome that carries other antioxidants, Niacinamide and natural fruit acids that boost up the skin growth for better and bight skins that is resituated and feeling young again.

Indica Medi Spa’s Unique Blend

Our products are designed to ensure you get results almost immediately once you start using them. This is no horseplay. The expectations are always met and exceeded with the consistency and commitment that is required during use of the products.

They also are friendly considering that they can be used on any skin tone or type with the least unwanted effects.

As a company, we also have spas that offer services such as a hair removal, teeth whitening and a very affordable and effective product life on the shelves. There also are medical grade treatments given by our experts for the right results to be witnessed.

As you wait in our comfort and welcome spa reception, we provide for refreshments or a delicacy of your liking as you wish to be served.

You can come and have an experience of kings standards services and be pampered to ensure you come out a rejuvenate person both in mind and skin too.

Adelaide’s Best Facials

Indica Medi Spa aims to help you achieve the best skin possible whilst providing real visible results. Your therapist will recommend a treatment designed to best suit your skin’s needs, using only the best cosmeceutical products. The brands we use in our facial treatments are all proudly cruelty free.

In case it becomes difficult to know your skin type, our spa therapists are there to help you. Therefore, feel free to book an appointment with us. Get to know how much interesting our services are and how easy it is to have your skin become healthier and more beautiful!

Let our highly trained therapists take your skin to the next level with our range of treatments. Whether you want to treat fine lines & wrinkles, loss of firmness, pigmentation, scarring, acne, redness, broken capillaries and more, we can help you.

We proudly use medical grade treatments in combination with results driven skincare. Why not give Indica Medi Spa a call and book your free consultation today on 08 8352 5454!