Why a course of facials can change your skin

Facials can sometimes be seen as an indulgence, but they can be an essential way to keep your skin healthy and looking its best for as long as possible. Not only are they a fantastic boost for your skin but we can treat many concerns whether it be ageing, acne, pigmentation, dehydration, dryness, redness or stressed out skin.  Professional strength products and the use of machinery can assist penetration of ingredients into the deeper layers of your skin, giving you visible and long term results.

Many people wonder why a course of facials is often recommended. Think of the skin as a 4 layer cake, with your first treatment high concentration of ingredients are infused into the deeper layers of the skin and eventually they will travel up to the surface, every time you come in, the same thing happens until eventually all those 4 layers will be saturated with active and nourishing ingredients, this means the results can last for months.  Skin concerns or conditions don’t come up over night so it will take more than one treatment to fix them. I you’ve always had dry skin  your whole life, one 60 minute facial won’t suddenly change your skin forever, its will take time and the right homecare.

Did you know 70% of the results of your facial depend on what you do at home afterwards? It’s essential to use the right homecare afterwards. If you love the way your skin looks and feels after a facial, it’s important to use products at home with the same ingredients to help maintain the results achieved at the Salon.