Are you cleansing properly?

Cleansing is a really important step in your skincare routine, it not only cleans the skin from oil, dirt, makeup and pollution but it allows your products to absorb better. If you wear makeup it’s beneficial to cleanse twice in the evening, the first cleanse removes makeup, sunscreen etc and the second cleanse will really help to deep clean. Our skin repairs and regeneratesĀ it self while we sleep so we need a blank canvas for our products to go on so they can work efficiently, otherwise your serums and creams ill sit on top of dead skin, oil and makeup. Leaving makeup on overnight is actually ageing to the skin.

Can I just use makeup remover wipes? Not Really.. wipes are great after a night out when you’re too tired to cleanse, or can be used before a cleanser to remove hard to budge makeup but they can’t give your skin a deep clean. This can lead to breakouts, and congestion in the long term.

Does your skin feel tight after you cleanse before you moisturise? If the answer is yes, it’s more than likely your cleanser is too stripping and you need to look for a cream or milk.

There are many cleansers out there but it can be confusing which to use.
Cream Cleanser – Best for Normal to Dry skins as it doesn’t remove essential moisture.
Milk Great for all skin’s, lighter than a cream it still deeply cleanses but doesn’t strip the skin andĀ leave it feeling tight.
Foam – Best for Oily and Combination skins, foaming cleansers are designed to remove excess oil from the skin, great for removing shine.