Acne Scar Treatments

acne scar treatments

Highly Recommended to Solve Causing Skin Scarring

Just like other conditions causing skin scarring, acne scars surface when the skin tissue gets damaged. Cysts, nodules, and inflamed pimples can leave permanent scars on the skin even after healing.  Thes types of scarring can be, post inflammatory pigmentation, and pitted scars (hypotrophic).  There are a number of acne scar treatments available from peels to Dermapen micro-needling.


The Common Acne Scar Treatments

It is important to stay realistic that not all scars can be eliminated completely. However we will help you achieve the best results possible.  The use of an effective at home routine is essential to increase your chances of achieving marked improvements.

skin inflammation/ POst Inflammatory Pigmentation or Redness

After a breakout you can experience either red mark where the blemish was or a brown pigmented lesion which usually lasts a long time.  LED light therapy is fantastic for the red marks left over as it is very anti imflammatory, healing and stimulates collagen.

For the brown marks, we recommend either some pigment peels, shallow micro needling to break up the pigment or a combination of both.

On the other hand, the application of intense pulsed light is preferred in cases where patients have dyschromia that is related to erythematous acne scars or photoaging.

Pitted scars are the most challenging to treat, and that is where a course of  Dermapen skin needling combined with a good home care routine using Vitamin A is the best option. Dermapen causes a micro trauma in the skin which creates the production of new healthy collagen which will eventually help to fill and treat the indented scars.

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