LED Light Therapy

LED Light Therapy

Verified And Proven Way For Radiant And Smooth Skin

The (light-emitting diode) LED light therapy particularly stands out as the treatment or product that brings about successful outcomes on all kinds of skins. It is however remotely acknowledged.

The LED light comprises an essential component of the skin clinic. It may be used either single-handedly or as a part of a wider treatment regimen for maintaining glowing skin. This intelligent design is comfortable and easy to use. It does not use any Ultraviolet lights or lasers which makes it pretty safe to utilise.

Indeed, the LED therapy has been tested and proved to be effective for a variety of skin issues like redness, pigmentation, rosacea, and acne. It equally possesses significant anti-ageing properties.

The light-emitting diode works by delivering optimised light at standard wavelengths. This light stimulates the creation of collagen and elastin. In the meantime, it eliminates collagenase which is basically the responsible enzyme for ageing. In addition, the light enhances the flow of blood to produce rise to a rejuvenated healthy and radiant skin appearance.

How The Different LED Lights Operate

Explained below are the finer details of how each of the LED light treats the skin and the associated skin problems:

Red LED Light

Red LED LightThe red LED light possesses powerful anti-wrinkle and skin rejuvenation properties. It makes good use of long wavelengths to achieve its objective. When in contact with the skin, it activates the regeneration of the cells and fibroblasts and also stimulates elastin and collagen creation. By reasons of these, the red light reduces wrinkles and fine lines considerably. It also closes the large pores and slows down the pace of skin ageing.

Blue LED Light

Blue LED LightThe blue light possesses powerful anti-acne properties and is effective for the skin with this condition. It performs the role of curing blemishes by targeting the cause of the problem. It essentially eliminates the responsible bacteria for the acne in the first place.

The blue wavelength is able to penetrate deeper into the skin and produce the radical oxygen in the process. It is this radical oxygen that ultimately places an absolute end to Propionibacterium Acnes bacteria.

Purple LED Light

Purple LED LightThis light comes about as a combination of the blue and red lights. As such, the purple light exhibits the characteristics of both the red and blue light. It also exudes their benefits at a time. Some of the core benefits of this light are the improvement of the therapeutic process and the circulation of blood.

This is not to mention that it also diminishes inflammations and terrible marks. These being the cases, the purple light is relatively beneficial for invasive and aggressive treatments. These include the laser, fillers, and Botox.

The light also helps in the healing of wounds as well as getting rid of acne marks and reducing the visible acne, among other benefits.

Yellow LED Light

Yellow LED LightUnlike the other kinds of lights, the yellow LED light deals with the bodily processes rather than dealing with the skin conditions directly. It stimulates the circulation of the lymph, favours the immune system considerably, and enhances the oxygenation of the bodily cells.

The light slows down redness (couperose) and irritations. It also regulates the sensitive skins and scales up the luminosity as well as the softening of the skin.

Apart from the aforementioned core objective, the yellow light also stimulates the nervous system. In so doing, it improves both the muscular and tissue tones. This brings about highly firming and tightening impacts on the skin.


Green LED Light TherapyLastly, the green light regulates the hyperpigmentation of the skin. This stems from its possession of a significant regenerative power which revitalises the skin nutrients that may have been damaged by the sun or due to ageing.

It typically works against the melanocytes which perform the acts of forming the melanin pigments. It also penetrates the inner portions of the epidermis and inhibits the production of extra melanin as well.

Following this, the green light gets rid of the dark spots on the skin. It is advantageous for those persons who may be suffering from hyperpigmentation as well as vitiligo and melasma. It achieves this by lightening the dark scars same with equalising the skin tone and reducing the expression lines.

LED lightsThe LED light is not some kind of colourful magic wand even though it may sound good. As such, it does not fix the associated skin problems overnight. For it to bring about the desired outcome, it has to be applied regularly and used alongside other treatment plans. This regimen brings about astonishing outcomes.

LED light primarily serves the roles of handling inflammatory skin conditions. It mitigates conditions like diffused redness as well as rosacea and damages to the acidic mantle. This may arise from the exfoliation or over-stimulation of the surface of the skin.

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