Micro Needling

Micro Needling

An Excellent Device To Improve Women Rejuvenate The Skin Tone

With age, the skin rejuvenation dips and it becomes wrinkly, pale and dry. Day in day out, new techniques are being devised to help women rejuvenate and maintain their skin growth. From the filters and laser treatments, new skin solution concoctions have had a big wave in the beauty industry. Now, welcome to the age of micro needling.

What is micro-needling?

Glad you asked. This is a non-invasive skin treatment by which you can effectuate a tender, youth glowing skin. It involves the use of small needles, about 0.5 to 3 mm in length that pierces through the skin in a controlled manner to create small unnoticeable wounds that force the skin to start healing, also referred to body repair mode. The healing process works on the skin quickly leaving your skin looking young and tender.

Piercing needles?

Surely many of you who have the fear of needles are cautious now. But worry less. The needles used in the technique are significantly small in size in comparison to traditional needles you know, thus the reference ‘micro-needles’. They also use a precision machine that is delicate enough just to do the right thing once it lands on your face and near the eyes.

Benefits of Micro-Needling

Once the skin is punctured, the healing process kicks in high gear. The body naturally releases collagen and elastin which are essential in wound healing. During this process, your skin texture and appearance also improve as the reconstruction process goes on in the deeper skin. It also reduces the scar marks on your face as the skin pulls back to a more firm appearance reducing wrinkles.

Expectations of a professional micro-needling procedure

The skin treatment works magic. However, the results are not instant as you would expect. The skin healing process takes time, about three to twelve months after undergoing the procedure. It all depends on an individual skin type. Therefore, it is not the best option for those looking for an overnight success. It is however long lasting thus can be considered as one of the long-term options for skin therapy.

When to avoid micro-needling

Despite the procedure being admissible to all skin tones and types, there are some restrictions. If you have any active skin infections such as rosacea, impetigo, inflamed skin that is hypersensitive and acne, it is discouraged. It would not be wise to artificially puncture a skin that already trying to recover from another wound.

Dermapen – An Excellent Device To Improve The Skin Tone

The device is used for the treatment of micro-damaged skin areas. It is a small, handheld device that delivers up to 1300 miniature punctures per second to the skin. This is fast enough for you to even feel the pinch before the skin area is done.

The process reinvigorates skin healing and growth properties naturally to fix the wrinkly, dry skin. The superiority of the process is that it is all natural and it cost a fraction of the alternatives currently available. You pay less for a longer and effective treatment. The deal cannot be any sweeter than this.

Currently, Dermapen collagen therapy facial is now available at Indica Medi Spa, and we are very much excited to introduce it to our clients.

Indica Medi Spa – Adelaide’s Best Facials

We aim to not only help you attain the best possible skin quality but also provide you with visibly real results. To achieve this, your therapists will, therefore, recommend a treatment that meets your skin’s unique needs from a list of the finest cosmeceutical products. Important to note is that all the facial treatments we use are proudly cruelty-free.

By combining the relaxation you get and the pampering experience that comes with the plenty of visible results, we guarantee that you shall walk out of your therapy session feeling highly rejuvenated and relaxed, whether it is for an hour or more than that, maybe half a day.

After you have undergone the treatment, of course with our compliments, you have the opportunity to get into our lounge and enjoy our relaxing seat with a variety of herbal teas, and you may perhaps consider ordering a delicious platter for enjoyment after undergoing your treatment.

Indica Medi Spa is a luxury boutique spa that is peaceful and offers specialised beauty and wellness salon services. It is time to discover the way we can help you remain healthy and beautiful for many years to come.

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