One Of The Most Detested Nuisances on the Face

One of the most detested nuisances appearing prominently on the face is blackheads. Blackheads appear as small dark lesions on the neck and face often in accompaniment of a mild acne but they can appear alone at times. What makes them dark is the fact that they are made of oxidized melanin, the dark pigment produced by the cells of the skin.

All about Blackheads

– An attempt to squeeze or scrub a blackhead can worsen it.
– Oxidized melanin makes blackheads, not dirt.
– Avoiding oil-based skin care products, tight-fitting clothes, alcohol-based skin products, and humid environment can significantly reduce the occurrence of blackheads.
– A spike in sebum production through the activities of hormones can be the reason behind their onset.

What are Blackheads?

When the pores on your skin are blocked by dead skin cells and the oily sebum, they produce protrusions known as Comedones. It has been found that blackheads are nothing but a form of comedo. Normally, hair grows from the hair follicles under which lies the sebaceous glands, the structures that produce sebum.

But when the pores are blocked, the trapped dead skin in it reacts with oxygen to form blackheads which are dark in colour. It is possible for you to be clean and still develop blackheads, so dirty skin has nothing to do with the development of blackheads.

Partial closure of the skin aids in the development of blackheads. This is because oxygen is allowed to penetrate deeper and react with the dead skin to produce dark or yellowish lesions. Hence regular lesions are remarkably different from blackheads because air doesn’t penetrate them.

The most afflicted areas of the body are the face, neck, arms, shoulders, and chest.

What causes Blackheads?

Puberty age individuals are more prone to blackhead development than anyone else, thanks to the raging hormones in those individuals. The androgen hormone in boys triggers secretion of sebum around puberty. Boys and girls register higher sebum secretion around adolescent. More elderly individuals develop blackheads as well but not often.

Moments after puberty, for instance, menstruation and pregnancy hormones can lead to the formation of blackheads among women. But the production of skin cells in huge quantities remains to be one of the leading factors causing blackheads across ages. Plenty of other minor factors can be blamed for their onset. This includes the following:

– Use of steroid-based especially corticosteroids;
– medication that increases skin cell turnover;
– the presence of grease in the environment;
– humid environment;-
– shaving and an array of other activities that open the hair follicles; and
– heavy sweating.

Exfoliating your skin extensively increases the chances of developing blackheads.

What are the symptoms of blackhead development?

A blackhead begins a small dark lesion before becoming hard and more prominent. Although blackheads are a sign of acne, they differ significantly with acne due to the fact that they are caused by open pores. They are also noninfectious and painless just like pustules and pimples.

blackheads_whiteheadsBlackheads are raised in texture but flatter than pimples. They can be a source of embarrassment and psychological setbacks to their ever-changing texture.

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