IPL Treatment

IPL Treatment

Effective In Treating Different Conditions

IPL treatment has been used for a longtime with the first one being done in the year 1995. The machines make use of the xenon flash lamps that get triggered by electricity. Once excited by electricity, the light produced is between 400nm and 1200nm which can be controlled using the different available filters depending on what treatment is being conducted at that particular moment.

When it comes to skin treatment, numerous people tend to confuse Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) with dermatological lasers. They are both used in treating the skin but the two differ in terms of the light that they emit.

For instance when it comes to emitting light, IPL emits an outsized spectrum whilst the dermatological laser emits a single ray of light or laser. In addition to this, machines that have the capability of carrying out the IPL process are quite expensive thus can only be found in beauty salons and dermatologists offices.

These machines are capable of treating different conditions by the help of the different setting programs it boasts of. The machines can be used to remove hair, treating of fine wrinkles and vascular lesions.


As mentioned in the paragraph above, the light produced by the xenon flash lamp is between 400nm and 1200nm. In addition to this the wavelengths are set depending on what is being treated. For instance, high wavelengths go deep into the skin whilst low wavelengths penetrate less deep.

Energy Level

The short pulses that are used in IPL treatment are what control the energy levels of the treatment. The total amount of energy in regards to the pulse used by the machines ranges from 20-60 joules per square meter (J/cm2).

Pulse Width

The durations of the pulses vary and they can be between one to three pulses of short frequencies.

Repetition Rate

This is the delay that is experienced in between the pulses.


Also known as selective photothermolysis. It involves the absorption of wavelengths by the body organs and components. Hemoglobin absorbs more than the skin and this results in coagulation of blood vessels.


Before the treatment, one can apply numbing gel to their facial skin. This helps in reducing the apparent discomfort by about 50%. Today there are other forms of helping reducing the pain and they include taking macrolide antibiotics or placing pre heated pads at the back of one’s neck.


Hair loss and stunted hair growth may be experienced in men.

Patients with sunburns or tanned skins may find the treatment less effective as it is affected by the two.

An untrained operator may not know how to work the switch thus resulting making the treatment less effective.

Treatment can lead to discoloration and occurring of blisters if treatment is wrongfully performed.

After the treatment, one is highly advised to avoid sunbathing.

Last but not least, a treatment like this is most likely to result in the reddening of one’s skin. This is what experts call abrasion and it is caused by the burning effects of the wavelengths on one’s skin.

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