Hands & Feet


Your deluxe manicure begins with a nail shape ready for your warm, relaxing hand soak. We then focus our attention on tidying your cuticles followed by applying an exfoliating treatment to your hands, wrists and forearms, gently massaging the skin to remove any dead skin cells. We continue by applying a hydrating hand mask, which is removed by hot wet towels. We finish the treatment with a revitalizing hand, wrist and forearm massage followed by a nail paint.


We begin with a shape and cuticle conditioning. To soften your skin and stimulate your senses, your feet are soaked into a refreshing and invigorating foot bath. We cut and shape your nails and give you a deluxe exfoliating massage removing dead skin cells, A heel treatment is then applied to stubborn, hard skin on your feet. After a short soak and rinse your therapist continues by applying a nourishing and invigorating foot mask. This treatment will be finished with a foot and leg massage and a paint.